The Pool, Pokhara, Nepal

February 2017, pencil on paper, 21/16 cm

Called „The Pool“ the gangway leads to a stable plattforn with view on the Himalaya range. It is also a perfect spot for selfies and couples.

Price: 40€        


Boote in Pokhara, Nepal





Crossing the Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

February 2017, pencil on paper, 22.5/16 cm

A less popular spot with rush hours when people want to take the boat to reach the hotel on the other side.

Price: 35€     


Pokhara, Lakeside





Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal

Februaray 2017, pencil on paper, 15/20 cm

A graphic approach on the landscape of the lakeside.

Price: 35€     


Boote Pokhara





Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal

February 2017, mixed media on paper, 24/15.5 cm

Love color? Love Pokharas lake and it´s boats.

Price: 45€


Boote auf dem See




Bell of Changu Narajan, Nepal

March 2017, pencil on paper, 14/13.5 cm

The bell is part of the Kileshwor Temple in Changu Narajan. The temple is dedicated to Vishnu. Vishnu is the God of destruction. In connection with Brahma and Shiva he forms a circle of life.

Price: 25€