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Working it out


We are back in Germany…The welcome has been wet, the summer, according to my friends, nearly absent. But just two days after our arrival the sun gets out.

It is all a bit hectic, we change appartements, I work in between and show Simon the city. Time flies by. Still we have so many  more things to arrange! I pack my stuff to transport it all back to my mothers house in Nordenham. Our housesit in France is coming on, and we have no clarity about the time after. Anyway…here some more thoughts about stories.


A typical story consists of 3-5 stages. The heroes journey begins with a calling for adventure. He/she is unsatisfied with the present situation, the world of dreams doesn’t match reality. The gap becomes too big, the pain forces the character to act.

  • 1. Context     Travelling through Sri Lanka taught me patience. English doesn’t take you far in this country. Try to order a coffee without sugar. Three times out of four your words will not get heard. Similar I had to accept my resistance to function like I planned and to draw on a daily basis.
  • 2. Conflict   Instead I longed for action and to connect with my surrounding. Therefor I decided to document our journey with the camera.
  • 3. Climax    The amount of material grew and needed a structure. This lead the way to storytelling and mini adventures (see post).
  • 4.  Closure   Simply put, I was suffering from an overflow of impressions and options. My „problem“ was not a force from outside, but an internal conflict on how I wanted to express myself.
  • 5. Conclusion   By sharing my experiences in the form of stories, I connect with others. Travelstories are based on experience and add the element of reality. ‚It can happen to you. You can do it too. The world of your dreams exists if you look for it.‘
    I hope to induce curiousity in people and the motivation to go out and explore.


The mini-adventures are still quite simple, not making it all up to the aim of a complex story. Still I decided to put them on at this point, just to leave a trace on how I approach the subject. Hopefully, with time, these snippets grow into a full story.



Gregory Lake, Nuwara Eliya
Constant and heavy rain keeps us inside the bungalow in Nuwara Eliya for days in a row. Nevertheless I decide to walk around Gregory Lake.
An easy choice as it takes only 1.5 hours. Even soaking wet it is not too long before I can return home.
The lake has two faces which create an interesting contrast when compared. One side is under construction. As a matter of fact nobody walks there. It is extremly quiet. The other side has been turned into a touristic fun park with pony rides, boat tours and snack bars. The visitor has to pay entrance fee to walk 3 km along the water and through a neatly cut garden area.





Baywalk at sunrise, Arugam Bay
I wake up before sunrise, dress my tired self and take a tuk tuk to the end of the bay. There is nothing but sand dunes and a stupa. I wander in the rising light, beautiful colors all the way no matter which direction I hold my camera. A young guy sits at the beach looking at the waves. He comes up to me and asks if he can take a selfie with the two of us. After that he suggests to kiss me. Obviously I continue my walk alone. Fishermen are out, few tourists go for a swim and the resorts get their beachfront ready. The whole walk lasts 90 minutes.




And then we made a stop over in Germany and became a little bit famous…




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