Stories must go on

  We are back in Germany…The welcome has been wet, the summer, according to my friends, nearly absent. But just two days after our arrival the sun gets out. It is all a bit hectic, we change appartements, I work in between and show Simon the city. Time flies by. Still we have so many  more things to arrange! I […]

Keep calm and curry on (Sri Lanka 4)

  Travel in off- season With the ever present question of how to save money while travelling, I had the idea to comment on off season events. While the complete collection of stories might vanish in the longrun, I will give you a glimpse about the joy of it. Things are by definition different to the budget traveller, compared to the […]

Stories of 1001 eyes (Sri Lanka 3)

    This is an essay about the benefit of mini- adventures as a starting point for an art project while travelling. A mini adventure consists of the mindset to explore and simply find everything interesting. It might be random walks or thought provoking articles. It is not the intention to scrutinise the material at this state. Rather see it […]

Mirissa goes off (Sri Lanka2)

  Mirissa, a small town in the very south of Sri Lanka, is known for it’s beautiful beach and a vibrant surf culture. But as soon as May is over it turns it’s head around. Monsoon takes over and forces surfers and tourists to move to the east coast. Restaurants close as well as many pensions. Available food consists of […]

Religion is trumph (Sri Lanka 1)

    Welcome to 75% humidity and 33 degrees. We left Colombo as soon as possible and headed towards the smaller cooler villages in the center of the island. I spend the first two weeks cutting a way through jungleland, feeling like the british settlers that arrived in the early 19th century. They kept Sri Lanka as a colony till […]