We travel the world by drawing it.

Travel the world by drawing it.


I am a masseuse/bodytherapist with a bachelor of Art who really loves an independant lifestyle. My current aim is to balance my passion for art, travel and bodywork. I am semi-nomadic, living partly in Berlin in sublets (thats why there are so many Berlin posts included on this blog) and in many other places mainly in the EU.

The blog is a work in constant progress. Every trip or journey I do becomes a new post. Please take note that there are 3 links at the end of every post that connect you to a new adventure. Have a look around from time to time!

If you want to get in touch send me a mail: krabbenhoefts@gmail.com

Save travels-)


Short story about my background:

Studied art in the Netherlands, graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts.

Exposed my work in the Netherlands and Germany.

Moved to Berlin, too big but very arty.

Lots of odd jobs followed until I had enough from living ” hand to mouth”.

Several educations in massage, an excellent balance to art in my opinion.

Became a bodytherapist and opend my own center.

Missed art and decided to study two years of documentary film on the self- organised filmschool “FilmArche”.

“Making-off”  of  “Königin und Schatten” – very proud.

Travelled and made my own documentaries, e.g.  (“Camino Portugues”)

Decided that this should be my life, with a focus on bodywork, creativity and storytelling.






impressum/ responsible for this Website:

Sabrina Krabbenhoeft

Mail: krabbenhoefts@gmail.com

mobil: 0175 49 73 200